About L2T

Located in Herndon, VA, we are a rapidly growing managed service provider who takes pride in our technical excellence and premium customer support. We rapidly deploy purpose-built global networks to our customers, allowing them to complete their missions safely and securely. Our employees stay on the cutting-edge of technology, ensuring that each and every solution we provide is modern, robust, and reliable.

We have a proven track record of delivering secure network and software solutions that meet our customers' needs. Whether it be a simple VPN deployment or a complex global collaboration environment, we work every problem like our reputation is on the line -- because it is.

Corporate Values

Customers come to us with their most challenging requirements because we bring a creative approach and breadth of technical ingenuity to the table. We are entrusted to solve the hardest problems because of our proven adherence to the following principles:

Systems and Software

At L2T, we are proponents of open-source technologies, both as consumers and contributors. Our engineers love Linux and secure network hardware devices, and our developers work daily with a variety of programming languages. We leverage open-source Python web frameworks like Django and Flask, and open-source front-end platforms such as Angular. Configuration management and automation are a big part of our deployment processes, and we use Salt, and Ansible depending on the situation. We combine our custom offerings with commercial products from VMWare, Amazon Web Services, and cloud communications platforms to deliver exceptional solutions.

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